Ambient Art® is a visual system developed to create positive attitudinal changes in the viewer.  This multisensory experience allows the viewer to see these paintings come to life before their eyes. Music or other sound effects develop with the art creating a complete creative story.

An ideal art form to be used in many environments:

  • healthcare/clinics
  • corporate/office
  • retail
  • restaurants
Leaving creative open space, Ambient Art® engages the viewer in becoming part of the picture and a participant in the experience.

Ambient Art® has received excellent reviews and evidenced-based results. From a study in Dallas showing the impact in a childrens’ hospital, to articles from HealthCare Design Magazine and The Nurture Report.

The Catherine Mayer Foundation has partnered with IndieFlix where you can experience Ambient Art®.

For more details and information about Ambient Art® contact us.

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