Ambient Art® is a multisensory experience that engages and calms viewers as they experience paintings come to life. Ideal for healthcare, corporate, educational, retail and home environments, Ambient Art® has been shown to reducing anxiety in traditionally stressful environments such as hospitals and waiting rooms.

Ambient Art® is currently being tested in partnership with Swedish Heart and Vascular Institute and has received many accolades including an evidence based study noting its positive impact in a children’s hospital in Dallas and coverage in HealthCare Design Magazine and The Nurture Report.

Leaving creative open space, Ambient Art® engages the viewer in becoming part of the picture and a participant in the experience.

The Catherine Mayer Foundation has partnered with IndieFlix where you can experience Ambient Art®.

Contact us to learn more about Ambient Art® and how it could be customized for individual environments.


King 5 News: Swedish Hospitals experiment with Ambient Art®



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