Through art we can communicate and share ideas, experience common thoughts, and celebrate our differences.

Signed by Catherine Mayer

Ambient Art ® is a concept developed by Catherine that turns artwork into a multisensory experience that both engages and calms viewers as they experience paintings that gradually come to life. Ambient art is also an essential element that promotes focus and community within The L.A.U.G.H ®️App, as users are able to watch a replay of their artwork being created in an animation, and share it with friends.

Ideal for healthcare, corporate, educational, retail and home environments, Ambient Art® has been shown to reduce anxiety in traditionally stressful environments such as hospitals and waiting rooms.

Ambient Art® is currently being tested in partnership with Swedish Heart and Vascular Institute and has received many accolades including an evidence based study noting its positive impact in a children’s hospital in Dallas and coverage in HealthCare Design Magazine and The Nurture Report.

Ambient Art® from the Louisiana Children’s Museum

The Catherine Mayer Foundation partnered with the Louisiana Children’s Museum who exhibited two custom Ambient Art® pieces created by children in their community.

Follow That Food
Move With The River

Explore Ambient Art® Samples

If you would like to learn more about bringing an Ambient Art® collection to your home or organization, contact us. We have a library of collections accessible now, and also do custom commissions. 

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