Art communicates and connects… the key elements of a happy and peaceful life.

Signed by Catherine Mayer

Personally led by Catherine Mayer, L.A.U.G.H.® Art Experiences are interactive workshops at Catherine’s Seattle studio or a location of your choice designed as a way to engage, express, energize and excite one’s inner being through creative expression. L.A.U.G.H.® Art Experiences feature interactive drawing, painting, writing, music and sound, movement, and dance to excite all of the senses and engage all participants.

Workshops are for all ages from toddlers to seniors and have benefitted participants from community groups, healthcare facilities, those who are struggling with trauma, and more. Participants engage in a combination of artistic experiences like painting a silhouette of their shadow on a large canvas or making art by dancing with paint on their shoes—realizing their own creativity and the feeling of confidence that comes with unique expression.

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