Art endures now more than ever before, the arts connect us, nourish us, and challenge us to better understand our shared humanity.

Signed by Catherine Mayer

The Catherine Mayer Foundation is dedicated to utilizing art to impact and change lives.

Catherine Mayer believes in the power of creativity and its essential place in everyday life – its ability to open and connect the mind and spirit to anything and to anyone. This foundation is the result of many years spent in the effort and coordination to make the dream of these programs become a reality.

Catherine’s artwork focuses on the individuality of each moment — impacting the environment and the viewer simultaneously. Her personal style reflects unique energy, movement and gesture. Each of the Foundation’s programs build on this style in order to reach audiences in new and creative ways.

Catherine’s work is internationally recognized and includes large scale installations, sculptures, murals and paintings. Visit to learn more about Catherine’s art.

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